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About Us

Chora Technologies Limited (Choratech) is an indigenous Company that deals in Information Technology and Software Engineering, whose ultimate goal and mission is to provide ICT services such as Professional IT training (Java Programming, Oracle Database Administration), Software development (Web and Mobile) and Online Marketing and Advertising to individuals and businesses, bridging the gap to achieving sustainable success in all streams of businesses.
The company is determined in all ramifications to fulfill its mission and vision, basically by adding more value to existing, upcoming businesses and individuals in the area of ICT and human capital development. We have a drive to equip individuals with adequate ICT knowledge in programmimg and database administration which will lead to a corresponding rise in their employablility and skill capacity to work in international companies like the banking sector, telecoms sector or the oil sector where ICT is widely used in day to day running of their affairs. Some of our core services include;
  • Developing or customizing software solutions to suit or satisfy business needs,
  • Offer advice and consulting services on IT related issues,
  • Providing market survey and demographic studies in relation to online marketing and advertising
  • Corporate training to organizations and individuals.
We enjoy providing these services and we love to maintain mutual beneficial business relationships with all our customers.

Why Learn Software Development ?

  • Transform your Ideas into real websites and applications
  • Code is the new literacy: Software powers everything that we touch
  • Think outside the box, many developers set their own hours and work from anywhere in the world
  • Get Internationally Certified, build your career and make more income

Why Learn at Chora Technologies ?

We provide a modern co-working learning environment in the heart of Abuja (Gwarinpa) where you will be surrounded by thriving co-programmers and experienced developers with all the amenities you need to stay motivated.
  • Unique methodology that ensures effective learning and higher retention
  • Blended learning through instructor-led, classroom-based, project based learning approach
  • 24x7 support centre for enquiries, counseling on right choice for career
  • Sample tests to check preparation for actual certification exams
  • Recommend projects for additional learning and hands-on
  • Additional reference books and websites where students can study more