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Android Mobile App Development

Choratech has an exceptional Developer team that develops and teaches how to build Java based Android and Blackberry Apps ranging from games to e-business related apps.
Apps are fun to build whether you're a business seeking a higher level of exposure or just a consumer with an innovative concept that others will find useful. Venturing into this arena maybe as equally fun as it is rewarding. Inventors/Developers can simply flaunt their downloadable apps to their friends or intending users. We Develop Mobile Apps and Android based apps with JAVA to avail your products to mobile phone users all around the world. Our applications are dynamic, robust, scalable and easy to manage.

Our Mobile App development covers three main areas:
  1. Android Java App Development for Android devices
  2. BlackBerry App Development (RIM devices)
  3. J2ME Mobile App Development for CLDC/MIDP Devices (Nokia)

Android Development
was built from the ground-up to enable developers to create compelling mobile applications that take full advantage of all a handset has to offer. It's a Linux Kernel Java based open source platform; it can be liberally extended to incorporate new cutting edge technologies as they emerge. The platform will continue to evolve as the developer community works together to build innovative mobile applications. There are 67,550 unique Android developers in the market making apps with over 50 billion downloads for a total of over 1 billion Android phone users. This is truly awesome. Android apps are recognized by their .APK extension Call Us Now | Register for training | Lets develop your project

BlackBerry App Development for RIM devices
Another JAVA based platform closely linked to J2ME platform is still sorted for, as the company still holds about 3% market share of the Mobile Phones users worldwide. In some countries like South Africa where the love for key pad smart phones, especially the blackberry Qwerty key pads, are still in vogue the Blackberry users are still on the rise. However its App development is still in vogue and with about 5, 000 developers in the blackberry community and about 25 million apps, Apps are still being developed for these brand of phones. There are thousands of unique BlackBerry developers in the market making apps with over 6 billion downloads for a total of over 300 million BlackBerry users. Blackberry apps are recognized by .COD extension. Call Us Now | Register for training | Lets develop your project

J2ME platform for CLDC/MIDP devices
are still being used to develop apps for some category of the phones in use especially Nokia phones. Being the first mobile platform it enjoyed much patronage from majority of the devices such as, the Sony Ericsson, Samsung, Sony, Sagem phones where initially based on the CLDC/MIDP profile. It was the only cross platform Mobile Device platform for App development. Apparently J2ME apps also run on blackberry and share deep similarity with the RIM platform for blackberry even though the J2ME Apps may not take advantage of BB's rich UI, both share a host of Java APIs which is a little different from the Android JAVA platform. J2ME apps are recognized by their traditional .JAR extension. Call Us Now | Register for training | Lets develop your project

The trend of Android has made a host of mobile phone devices to migrate to Android platform on their operating systems such as Sony, SamSung, HTC etc. Making it easy to port Android apps to their devices and enjoy the richness of the platform. The domination of the Android and the iOS platform has been on for a while as they await the injection of a more superior platform from the J2ME developers or BlackBerry (RIM) developers as the days unfold if Android doesn't take over everything before then.