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Learn to code or level up your skills at Choratech Academy. We train both beginner and dedicated developers with hands-on experience on how to build their own fully functioning apps. We provide intensive trainings and workshops in web and mobile app development, database training and game development. Our program is designed to create accomplished IT professionals from scratch, driven by a fast paced curriculum and taught by experienced industry professionals from work environments. Whether you need help or want to tackle more advanced projects, you'll find the resources at your finger tips.

Java Programming / J2SE / J2EE / J2ME / ANDROID / BLACKBERRY

We teach both aspiring Java programmers who want to build a career in Java or prepare for Professional certifications and, advanced developers who want to learn or migrate to a new specialization in Java development such as Android Java or BlackBerry Java. We mentor and bring students up to speed for professional Certifications like Sun Certified Java Programmer (SCJP), Sun Certified Java Web Component Developer (SCWCD).
Java Programmer Level
  1. Java 2 Standard Edition- Java programmer level (first level)
    Here we the focus on Object Oriented Programming Concepts, Modelling, Java library, syntax and ensure that students understand the concepts and rudiments of OOP to pave way for future specializations in Java.
Java Developer levels
  1. Java Web Component Developer level - J2EE platform ( involving servlets, JSPs, Java beans, Tag libraries, web containers, xml configurations)
  2. Java Desktop Application Developer level- J2SE platform (using Java Abstract Windows Tool (AWT) kits and Swing Packages, GUI developments)
  3. Java 2 Micro Edition (Mobile Apps) Developer level- J2ME platform (involving MIDLETs and CLDC profiles for microdevices Like; Mobile Phones, PDAs, embedded devices)
Other Applications of JAVA in the Mobile world
  • Andriod Java Development - Android based phones (Open source linux based Java platform with flexibility and good memory management with far more libraries compared to J2ME, and compatible with a wide range of mobile devices.
  • BlackBerry Java Development - BlackBerry (RIM) devices(Qwerty keyboard based Research in Motion (RIM) devices, with very rich libraries, good memory management and compatible with J2ME apps).
Unlike most languages that depend on logical rules and operations to create softwares, Java is heavily Object Oriented, governed by laws and concepts, depicting real world situations. Its OOP nature makes it an option for virtually every aspect of programming. It's relevance cuts across across every software platform. Virtually anything and everything can be built using Java. It's a language for now and the future. In order to get a strong grip on Java, students are deeply thought its vast OOP concepts and similarity to real world situations, before focusing on logical operations flows, and then its applications. Register for training
Course Fees
JAVA programmer(J2SE) platform First LevelOne Month2:30hrs class twice weeklyN50, 000
JAVA Web Component (J2EE) Developer Level Two Months2:30hrs class twice weeklyN75, 000
JAVA for Android App DevelopmentTwo Months2:30hrs class twice weeklyN75, 000
JAVA for BlackBerry App DevelopmentTwo Months2:30hrs class twice weeklyN75, 000
Discounts are given when courses are combined [Programmer -> Developer -> Architect]

Oracle database 10g and 11g

10/10 of Banks, Telecoms companies, big organisations including the central bank run their backend storage on Oracle Database. That goes to show the general acceptance and importance of Oracle. Its the most popular Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) available in the market today. Firstly we focus on breaking down the overall architecture and internal oepration of oracle, its files , tools, network requirements etc. And most especially we ensure that we train the students on SQL programming and advanced PLSQL so that students can begin to write functions, procedures, triggers and communicate withe Oracle Database remotely or locally. Register for training
Course Fees
Oracle Database 10g/11g Administration I&II One Month2hrs 30mins class twice weeklyN45, 000
Oracle SQL I & IIThree Weeks2hrs 30mins class twice weeklyN30, 000
Discounts are given when courses are combined

Wordpress, Cake PHP-MYSQL Web Development

We teach Website Developers and Bloggers who want to major and leverage in PHP as a veritable web scripting language for building websites with Content Management Systems and dynamic data driven website. PHP which has become so popular in recent times due to its open source nature, OOP compliance and language simplicity and general acceptibility world wide accounts for web softwares like or Wordpress, joomla, Cake PHP etc. It's a web scripting language that will continue to be in use in years to come. Register for training
Course Fees
WEB HTML, CSS, Javscript, BOOTSTRAP frameworkOne Month2hrs 30mins class twice weeklyN45, 000
PHP Web DevelopmentOne Month2hrs 30mins class twice weeklyN45, 000
Wordpress CMSOne Month2hrs 30mins class twice weeklyN45, 000
Joomla CMSOne Month2hrs 30mins class twice weeklyN45, 000
PHP Web DevelopmentOne Month2hrs 30mins class twice weeklyN45, 000
Cake PHP Web Framework + (OOP Concepts)One Month2hrs 30mins class twice weeklyN75, 000

Game Development for Kids in Secondary Schools

Going with the 'catch them young' initiative. We run a special program for kids who aspire to be Bigtime game developers and programmers in the future. We teach how to use Games and App design softwares like SIENNA, KODU, SCRATCH, SPARK as tools that allow them express their creativity by applying skills in programming and logical reasoning, conditional statements and operations, to develop their own applications and prepare them for their future careers in the IT world. Register for training
Course Fees
PROJECT SIENA (WINDOWS MOBILE APP)Three Weeks2hrs class twice weeklyN40, 000
PROJECT SPARK (3D GAME DEVELOPMENT)Three Weeks2hrs class twice weeklyN45, 000
KODU GAME LAB (3D GAME DEVELOPMENT)Two weeks2hrs class twice weeklyN30, 000
SCRATCH (ANIMATION)Two Weeks2hrs class twice weeklyN25, 000