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Chora Technologies Limited is a Software Development firm saddled with the responsibility of designing, developing and integrating solutions to enhance the overall efficiency and market penetration of your business. Our solutions are designed to meet your demands and requirements using cutting-edge technologies that increase efficiency, and stand the test of time. 

Our determination to be at the top, keeps us conversant and abreast of latest-in-demand technologies and frameworks that deliver first class results. Our proficiency in programming languages like Java, C, C++, PHP and C sharp give us an edge in tackling projects within the shortest possible time using the best framework for the task.

Our tech solutions are targeted at helping businesses expand their services to online, mobile, banking, education and telecommunication platforms for larger customer outreach, while running a project cycle that not only accommodates flexible design specifications, but ensures client-developer participation at all levels during development process.

We teach courses like Android Java/Blackberry App development, PHP web development, Oracle 10g/11g, Project Siena Windows Apps, game developments, with a project based learning approach, setting students up for entreprenuership or gainful employment in any competitive industry. While emphasizing the need for professional certifications, we mentor students on the path for certification, providing them with appropriate training materials and insights for their exams. 

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  • We are composed of an experienced team of software experts.
  • We help students think outside the box. Software powers everything
  • We transform your ideas into real apps and applications
  • We offer a condusive learning environment
  • We provide a project based learning approach.

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Android Mobile App for download

Desktop Cash Register - Accounting App for Stores

Most popular courses (Java, PHP, C, Csharp)

Software power almost every device we touch. Learn how Object Oriented Programming concepts determine the Model for building complex software systems. Interpret your model in any language of your choice. Develop robust software solutions for desktops, Enterprise web, POS, Android/iOS/Windows Mobile Apps. Make use of Web services, Google APIs etc

Project Management - Skills for Success
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Project Management - Skills for Success

Learn how to make plan your resources and meet deadlines while handling projects. Understand the concept of scheduling 

Oracle 11g Database Administration
( 0 Rating )
Oracle 11g

Oracle 11g Database Administration

Oracle is a relational database with a robust architecture for managing software systems with complex architecture.Its a database

PHP Web Development and CMS - Professional
( 0 Rating )

PHP Web Development and CMS - Professional

Learn how to use the best web development language in the world with thousands of developers joining its community 

Web Design & Graphics - Advanced
( 0 Rating )
Web UI

Web Design & Graphics - Advanced

Web design is the skill of creating presentations of content (usually hypertext or hypermedia) that is delivered to an end-user through

Android Java development - Mobile Apps
( 0 Rating )

Android Java development - Mobile Apps

Java programs power almost every device. Learn how Object Oriented Programming concepts determine the Model for building

Microsoft .NET fundamentals
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Microsoft .NET fundamentals

CSharp (C#), a credible alternative to Java and PHP. Understand OOP principles using CSharp as the coding language. Appreciate 

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We thank our esteemed customers for making us who we are and giving us a chance to prove our technical expertise and professionalism. We indeed assure you that we will continue to improve our services, customer satisfaction, delivery time, cost effiectiveness and professionalism. Please be assured that you have our unshakable support and we hope that you achieve the vision of your business.

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