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About Choratech

Choratech is an ICT company saddled with the responsibility of providing Software Development solutions and IT training services to individuals and organisations. Upon commencement in 2013, with head quarters in Abuja, the company has grown its services from basic web development and IT training to Mobile App solutions, Telecommunication integrations and POS solutions, incorporating various forms of web technologies, network systems, device platforms and frameworks combined in a timely manner to achieve results in record time, taking advantage of standard best practices and ethics of professional software development to deliver results. Bearing in mind that customer satisfaction is key, we develop Apps that are consistent, durable and satisfactory, leaving a lasting impression in the minds of our clients and customers. This is evident in numerous testimonies and comments received from our esteemed clients on a daily basis.

The success of Choratech is purely hinged on the gainful contributions from its highly skilled professionals, working hard to distinguish themselves in their various fields of endeavours, with the sole aim of making a difference in society. With backgrounds in Software Development (JAVA, ASP.NET, PHP platforms), Oracle Administration, Project Management, Cisco Certified Network Professionals and Internet Security Providers strategically positioned to tackle all projects with experience and precision. These seasoned professionals are backed up with regular trainings to improve their proficiency and mastery of the subject area.

Our portfolio consist of over eighteen (18) websites and portals, designed and developed from scratch with latest-in-demand frameworks and top-shelf Content Management Softwares; Joomla and Wordpress; www.capitalhotelsng.org, www.betrointerior.com, www.dumcobestcontruction.com, www.choratech.com.ng, www.quicklotto.net , www.us2naija.com . Our Web solutions, Mobile App solutions, POS, Telecoms, gaming solutions, e-commerce and integrations are designed to give your business the added advantage to meet the expectations if your customers.

We provide a comprehensive IT training programme with concise reading materials that ensure effective learning patterns for interested individuals. We provide sizable classes with more communication time between students and facilitators in a very comfortable environment, a platform for mentoring and deepening understanding of the course in question, Internal exams are frequently conducted for students to rate their level of performance in preparation of Professional Certification Exams.


  • Developing and customizing software solutions to suit or satisfy business needs,
  • Offer advice and consulting services on IT related issues,
  • Providing market survey and demographic studies in relation to online marketing and advertising
  • Corporate IT training to organizations and individuals.



  • Transform your Ideas into real websites and applications
  • Code is the new literacy, as software powers everything that we touch, we teach and innovate
  • Think outside the box, many developers set their own hours and work from anywhere in the world, we empower you to become entrepreneurs
  • Get Internationally Certified, build your career and make more income



We provide a modern co-working learning environment in the heart of Abuja, Karu,  where you're surrounded by thriving co-programmers and experienced developers with all the amenities you need to stay motivated.
  • Unique methodology that ensures effective learning and higher retention
  • Blended learning through instructor-led, classroom-based, project based learning approach
  • 24x7 support centre for enquiries, counseling on right choice for career
  • Sample tests to check preparation for actual certification exams
  • Recommend projects for additional learning and hands-on
  • Additional reference books and websites where students can study more

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Our professionals are experienced and ready to take your projects. Contact us, or better still, lets hear from you. We appreciate your interest.

Email : info@choratech.com.ng

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