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Check out some of our software/web projects and discover how you can save time and money in producing rich content internet applications that support most relational databases, operating systems, browsers with responsive layouts that could fit the screens of desktops, laptops and mobile platforms.

Our range of website span from social networking sites, E-commerce sites, News site, Educational site etc. At your request we use a content management system to fit to the kind of flexibity you need to manage your website... 


GPS Integrated Eye witness news reporter - Android Mobile App

Get the fast, easy-to-use, news reporting Mobile App, with GPS functionality to validate user location. It enables users send instant reports comprising of text, photos, audio and video clips in a compressed format from anywhere in the world through their mobile device with an internet connection. All reports are collated at a secured portal. The 36 states of Nigeria and its 774 LGA are embedded in the App ( Download on Google Play Store )

Capital Hotels plc, Owners of Sheraton - Hotel Mgt website

Know more about Capital Hotels (owners of Sheraton), their management team, staff members and facilities at Sheraton. Enjoy the amazing views you get to see when you spend your vacation at Sheraton Hotels. This is a flexible and scalable CMS website developed using wordpress framework ( Check it out )

Betro Interiors, Furniture Website

Get to see the latest Betro Interior furniture products. Cushion sets, Sofas, Dining sets, Bedroom interiors and Office items. Prices are very affordable. Buy and get double value for your money. Built using Wordpress CMS ( Check it out )

Dumacobest Constructions Website

Invite one of the best construction companies to execute your building projects. Fully equipped with machineries, and the best expertise. With a mature experience in the building sector, get to see their latest projects before making your choice. 
This is a custom developed website from scratch(Check it out


Employee Data Verification Portal

A portal that helps keep track of every employee status. Using their records from previous employment the system eliminates dual employee records or fake employee records using a face match algorithm for detecting imersonation or double registrations.
This is a custom developed portal from scratch(Check it out )


Hylook Customer Account Mgt

A portal that manages customer requests for tailoring services. Customer accounts consist of his/her measurements for varying style of clothes, along with sepcial preferences. Tailoring service history for each customer and a tracking system to manage the service from request stage to processing to sewing to delivery stage 
This is a custom developed portal from scratch(Check it out )


Hylook Generic Financial Account Mgt

A portal that micro manages financial accounts for customers ordering tailoring services. Each customer account history is easily generated, including credits, debits and balances at each date or point in time. Payments for each service are recorded and reversals applied when necessary. A generic financial system portal, that helps accountants manage their inflow and outflow of money for their business
This is a custom developed portal from scratch(Check it out )


Store Management Portal

Explore this store management portal that manages all store items. Stocks and supply are mangaged effectively. Understand the neat process at which goods are ordered, processed and issued to staff or customers. Proper book keeping is maintained for all goods entering or leaving the store with timestamp. Generate sales and stock reports daily, weekly, monthly and randomly for the portal (Check it out )


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