• 14 May 2019
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A GPS based eyewitness reporter that covers every local govt area in Nigeria

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This is a fast, easy-to-use, news reporting App designed for Nigerian climes, with GPS functionality to enables users or observers send instant reports on ongoing events from all parts of Nigeria instantly.

The App embeds all 36 states and 774 local government areas in Nigeria. Coupled with the GPS functionality, report locations are well described and verified at the web portal where they reach for storage and action. Each report is made up of a combination of text, photos, audio and video clips, securely sent to a web portal. 

Report locations are validated via automated GPS integration, and user identity is also validated via Truecaller mobile identity integration. This makes it difficult to process or act upon invalid anonymous data or fake news, as the information sender can be traced and confirmed to the sender.

Descriptive reports can be sent with text and images or preferably a combination of audio or video clips, maximum images sent is five and audio, video clips are one each per report. 

To maintain user satisfaction and optimum performance, an incorporated compression algorithm is embedded in the program to compress every file sent to a minimum level before transmission over the internet. That makes the process of sending reports quick and easy. Images as large as 20MB are equally compressed to minimum level, maintaining picture quality and sharpness before uploading to the portal.

The application is designed to send data even from the slowest internet speed, as connections speeds are determined and optimized before sending. Meaning the App is equally suitable for low internet areas such as remote villages, where connections could be as low as 2G.

it's a more convenient app to use compared to sending emails and attaching files with limited size, as reports and attached files are easily viewed and accessed from one quick source on the portal. 

 It's a simple app to use with an awesome user experience optimizing time, efficiency and performance at every instant.




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